Аукцион 25 Gemarot with Handwritten Glosses by The Vilan Gaon and other rare and unique items
3.7.12 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
 8 Ramban St, Jerusalem.
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ЛОТ 2:

Decorated Brass Plaques – Middle East

Стартовая цена:
$ 10,000
Комиссия аукционного дома: 23%
НДС: Только на комиссию

Six decorated brass plaques, meant for hanging on walls. Middle East [Syria?], early 20th century.
Large and solid plaques of hammered and engraved brass, placed on wooden backs, which were used for decoration as wall hangings. The six plaques are decorated with floral and vegetal motifs, Hebrew texts (citations from the Book of Exodus and Psalms) and various impressive decorations, as follows:
1-2. A pair of plaques with vegetal, floral and palm tree decorations. On one plaque appears the text, "The Righteous will flourish like a palm tree" and the emblems of the tribes of Reuven, Shimon, Levy, Yehudah, Zevulun, and Issachar. The second plaque carries the text, "Will grow like the cedar in Lebanon" and the emblems of the tribes of Dan, Gad, Asher, Naftali, Yossef, and Binyamin. 72.5X44 cm. each.
3-4. A pair of plaques with floral and vegetal decorations, one with the text, "I shall carry you on the wings" with the image of an eagle facing left; and on the other, "of eagles and shall lead you to me" with the image of an eagle facing right. 37.5X44 cm each.
5. Plaque with floral and vegetal decorations. An image of a large Menorah supported by two lions appears in the center, and above the text, "You are the source of life and in your light we shall see light." 72.4X44 cm.
6. Plaque with floral and vegetal decorations. The image of a large crown appears on the upper section, and in the center is an image of the Torah in a mantle, decorated with pomegranates and the Ten Commandments. 72.5X44 cm.