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 Urbanizacion El Real del Campanario. E-12, Bajo B 29688 Estepona (Malaga). SPAIN
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CHARLES EUGENE OF LORRAINE: (1751-1825) Prince of Lambesc. Last member of the House of Guise. French Marshal and Proprietor of the Royal Allemand-Dragoons, in charge of the protection of Louis´Court. Sadly remembered for his ride on 12th July 1789, at the head of his dragoons across the Place of Louis XV into the Tuileries Gardens, against a mob that had gathered there. Rare A.L.S., De Lorraine Prince de Lambesc, one page, folio, Trèves, 29th May 1790, in French. Bearing the heading of the Foreigner Cavalry of the Royal Allemand. The document being a memoire for Count de La Tour du Pin, related to a leave permission for his second in rank Baron de Speth. Together with a contemporary printed volume, 157 pages, 8vo, explaining what was the Prince of Lambesc trial in 1790, and although remained as an attempt to, states `Accused of having led armed troops, violently, through the Tuilerie gardens last 12th July, and of being guilty of the murder of a citizen who was calmly having a walk and not holding arms..´ VG, 2 £200-300