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ЛОТ 002:

Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim. Rabbi Shmuel Salant. Slavita, 1820

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Shulchan Aruchpart Orech Chaim. Print of Our Master, Teacher and Rabbi Moshe Shapira of Slavita. With approval from the owner of ‘Ohev Yisrael’. With a copy of a ‘bill of sale’ which was given to Rabbi Moshe Shapira by the printer from Sudilkov. The copy, which belonged to Rabbi Shmuel Salant was in his possession for most of his life and from it, taught Halachot to his disciples. Ownership inscriptions and signature. The Gaon Rabbi Shmuel Salant(1816-1909), The acclaimed Rabbi of Jerusalem for over 70 years, and the leader of all Ashkenazi sects in Israel. Became a famous Gaon and prodigy, already in his youth, At the age of bar mitzva he received a letter from his rabbi Aveli concerning a complicated divorce matter; it is evident that his rabbi trusted him as an outstanding Torah scholar even then.He Studied in the town of Salant with his friend the Gaon Rabbi Israel Salant. He immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1841, to serve as teacher and rabbi of the "Prushim", disciples of Hagra, who lived in Jerusalem. Founded education and charity institutes in the city, founded a Beit Din and strengthened the Ashkenazi congregation. Known for his genial intelligence. The cover page is printed in red and black ink. Pages have a bluish hue. Moth holes. Wihtout a binding. (4) 192; 106 pages. (last page is missing). 22 “cm. Overall condition: fair-good