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CHARLES V: (1500-1558) Holy Roman Emperor 1519-56, and King Charles I of Spain 1516-56.

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L.S., Yo el Rey, one page, folio, Burgos, 16th July 1524, to the Councillor of the Royal House, in old Castilian. Writing in his capacity as King of Spain, King Charles I states `I hereby instruct you to register in the Royal House books and apply the corresponding food rations to Juan de Quirós, as the newly appointed young server in charge of the whippets.´ further adding that de Quiros will replace 'our master Martin from Mallorca, after his death, who was long since in charge of our whippets, and this with his same salaries, robes and food rations....for two whippets.´ Some very light, extremely minor age wear, VGIn 1524, in the same year as the present letter was signed, the Peasants Revolt broke out in Germany, and was to last for a further two years. At the end of April 1524 Emperor Charles V and King Henry VIII formed a new league to support the Duke of Bourbon in a fresh attack on France and in July 1524 the Emperor prohibited the holding of the proposed German synod at Spires.Grandson of the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand & Isabella, Charles V was ruler of both the Holy Roman Empire (for 37 years) and the Spanish Empire ( for 40 years). Through inheritance he brought together such extensive territories in western, central and southern Europe, and the Spanish colonies in America and Asia. So large were his domains that they were described as 'the empire on which the sun never sets'