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5.4.16 (локальном времени Вашего часового пояса)
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ЛОТ 2:

'Aggadat Herzl.' Tel Aviv, [1930]. Rare.

Стартовая цена:
$ 200
$350 - $500
Комиссия аукционного дома: 20%
НДС: Только на комиссию

This book educated the younger generation about Herzl: "Herzl is a nice, good boy," "Herzl is a good student," ending with "Herzl the King." The interior of the binding features a picture of Herzl and his mother.
This book is a bibliographic mystery. It does not appear on any listings of Kipnis's works. The Bibliographic Project lists this book at a different press: the listing details were conjectured, because they did not actually see the book.
Jacket binding. Tears in blemishes to the blank margins. Moderate to poor condition.